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Installing steel columns to secure Soft story building

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

When working on securing soft story buildings in Los Angeles, Sinai Construction is the most experience team to work with. We are recommended by many whom we have worked with due to the quality of work we have provided. What is a soft story retrofit? Soft story buildings which were built prior to 1970's did not have the technology we have today. Here we are in the process of securing the building by installing these steel beams which are welded together as they set in place. We take the measurements to assure based on plans everything is set in place.

25 Years of warranty

After steel frame is installed that connects the soft story building to the new fortified footings, concrete is poured, and the new concrete foundation is finished. When Sinai is done, the owners will be happy to know, this Soft Story Building will be as solid as a rock when the next earthquake hits. Sinai Construction cares for the details and we make sure we provide quality, efficient, expert work. If your Los Angeles building has soft stories, do some research on soft story retrofit companies, find one you like, and get a earthquake retrofit as soon as possible.

If you would like to have one of our inspectors provide you answers and solutions to your home's needs, contact us today. To schedule an appointment call (310)655.0960.


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