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Concrete Foundation Repair begins on soft story retrofit LA project.

Fix Foundation Problems before they become a disaster.

That always cost less than waiting till the foundation completely fails.

Cracks on walls? Sloping floors? Misaligned doors? Could be You Need Serious Concrete Foundation Repairs.

In need of concrete Foundation repair.

Foundation Repair. If your house or building has any of these problems, you might want to do a foundation check immediately. Because even if one or more members of your foundation are failing, and you catch it early enough, your foundation can be repaired.


Don't wait for your foundation to fail and collapse before you do anything. Entire foundation replacement is more expensive than foundation repair. Besides, ignoring your failing foundation also jeopardizes the safety and well-being of anyone in the building.

Soil falling off the slope and onto the street below? Your foundation could be exposed and damaged.

Foundation failure. Sinai begins concrete foundation repair.

Slope repair. This strengthens the slope's resistance to erosion. It corrects slope instability and protects your home and your family from the potentially catastrophic effects of landslides. If your property is located on the side of a hill or on a steeply sloping site, you may be at risk.


Mother Nature typically tries to reduce the gradient of most slopes — and the steeper the slope, the more prone it is to instability and problems. If you have a hillside property and it's showing signs of foundation damage due to slope instability, slope repairs are needed...NOW.

Water pooling in your basement? Moisture could be eating away at your foundation.

Water damage to foundation. Now serious concrete foundation repair is needed.

Foundation Waterproofing. Time to consider waterproofing. This helps prevent water intrusion that could weaken foundation structures or lead to their disintegration.

The cost of repairing a foundation damaged by water intrusion is much higher than the cost of waterproofing your basement, crawlspaces and other parts of your home that are particularly susceptible to water damage.

By waterproofing now, you can prevent foundation damage and save yourself a lot of grief and expense later on.

You have a soft story apartment building?
It could be at risk of collapsing during an earthquake.

Concrete foundation repair on a LA Soft story building

Soft Story Retrofit. Soft-story buildings are multi-story buildings characterized by a ground floor or lower floors that are significantly "less stiff" (thus they're called "soft stories") than the upper floors they support. In a soft-story building, the lower levels do not have enough shear walls or other elements (e.g. steel frames) to help the structure withstand lateral (side-to-side) earthquake movements.

Soft story retrofit is the process of reinforcing a building's quake-vulnerable floor/floors to make the entire foundation structure more resistant to the shear forces present during an earthquake.

Worried about earthquakes? Give some serious thought to seismic retrofitting.

Concrete foundation repair gives foundation bolting the strength it hold.

Seismic Retrofitting. This can prevent major earthquake damage to your building.

If you're thinking of getting earthquake insurance, give some serious thought to seismic retrofitting. Don't just insure your home against earthquakes. Retrofit so you can prevent major earthquake damage.

Seismic retrofitting strengthens your foundation so your home is better equipped to withstand the violent shaking of an earthquake. This can mean significant savings on earthquake damage repair costs. More importantly, seismic retrofitting will give you peace of mind because you'll know your home can keep your family safe and secure when the next earthquake hits.

Catching a foundation problem in the early stages can save you a lot of headaches, not to mention cash. Problem is, foundation problems aren't always obvious. You can see the signs, cracks in concrete, uneven floors, and doors that are a problem, but these can be easy to ignore. Until you experience an earthquake or storm that tests your foundation. Now you have problems.


So get a simple Foundation Inspection from Sinai Sinai Construction Engineering and put your mind at ease. We're well known for providing some of the most thorough foundation inspections in the Los Angeles area. Our Los Angeles foundation inspection services include soft story inspection, general foundation inspection (for seismic retrofit, foundation repair, foundation replacement, and floor leveling purposes), retaining wall inspection, drainage inspection, waterproofing inspection, and slope repair inspection. A Sinai Construction inspector will find any little problems, and make sure they don't lead to bigger problems down the road.

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