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Structural Foundation Repair Los Angeles

The Most Experienced
Structural Foundation Repair
Contractors in Los Angeles.

Structural Foundation Repair at a Higher Level

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Sinai Construction Finished Soft Story Retrofit Project in Los Angeles

The Soft Story Retrofitting Process is the reinforcing of a soft story building's quake-vulnerable foundation and floors to make the entire structure more resistant to the shear forces present during an earthquake.

Cracks in Failing Foundation Leading to Foundation Repair Project in Los Angeles

If one or more members of your foundation are failing, get your Foundation Repaired ASAP. Waiting till it fails, when you need to replace the entire foundation, is much more expensive.

In the Process of Creating Proper Yard Drainage for a Los Angeles project.

Maintaining proper yard drainage, especially around the perimeter of your homes foundation, is one of the simplest yet most cost-effective ways of preventing foundation damage.

Proper Slope Repair on Los Angeles Hillside Prevents Erosion and Protects Foundation.

Erosion Slope repair strengthens the slope's resistance to erosion. It corrects slope instability and protects your home and hillside from the potentially catastrophic effects of landslides.

Rock Solid Retaining Walls in Los Angeles don't happen by chance, they happen by design.

If you're looking for Structural Foundation Repair in Los Angeles you're in the right place. Sinai Construction is known as one of the Top Foundation Repair Engineering Firm in LA. This is a well earned construction reputation built on decades of solving difficult structural foundation problems. (Check Testimonials from our satisfied clients.)

If you have structural cracks in your foundation, basement, or cracks on your homes walls, a foundation inspection is probably in your future. A Sinai Structural Repair Specialist in Los Angeles can come to your home and not only find the foundation problem, but tell you what is causing it.

One of our Residential Structural Repair Contractors in LA will then explain to you your foundation repair options. Some repairs may be needed immediately, some down the road. But, we always recommended foundation structural repair before it gets to the point you need a foundation replacement (that's much more expensive).

Living in Los Angeles we have to deal with not only the threat of earthquake damage, but also damage to our homes foundations due to water, wind, and unstable land. If you have any concerns or questions, Sinai is your Structural Engineer Foundation Repair company in Los Angles ready to help. Feel free to call anytime 323-655-0960.


*Sinai Construction has literally saved our home and the homes of our two neighbors from sliding off a steep cliff. After interviewing 3 other companies we chose Sinai due to their extensive experience and reputation with structural foundation repair. The work involved an extremely complicated caisson work that went as deep as 70 feet. Our structural engineer specialist who is a UCLA professor was very complimentary upon the completion of work as to the abilities of Sinai's crew to deliver this complicated foundation work on time and budget and without any corrections needed from him.

Sunny D., Malibu

Foundation Repair Videos and Photos. Sinai Construction Engineering project photos on Structural Foundation Repairs and Replacements.

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