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Why retaining walls are constructed and the many uses for them

Why construct a retaining wall

Retaining walls are constructed for various purposes, including soil containment, like a hillside retaining wall, to prevent the soil's down-slope movement and soil erosion. Or retaining walls are built to create flat, usable areas and living spaces, and the construction of underground structures, like basements.

Failing retaining wall_edited.jpg

Failing retaining wall will soon be replaced by Sinai Construction.

Why Sinai construction retaining walls

Why Sinai Retaining walls
Retaining Wall Project Los Angeles

With over three decades of experience in structural and concrete work and extensive expertise in concrete retaining wall engineering and construction, you can be assured of getting a strong and solid retaining wall that performs its intended purpose, and is built to last.

We also provide expediting services that will relieve you of the hassle of obtaining permits and coordinating with various engineering professionals in case your retaining wall build is subject to more rigorous building requirements — as is the case if your retaining wall is greater than 4 feet in height. For installing a retaining wall like this, an engineered plan is required as well as retaining wall permits and varying grading requirements such as a Geologic and Soils Engineering Exploration Report.

See photo gallery below of rock solid retaining wall being built

Retaining Wall photo gallery

Check out some our retaining wall work. Replacing a failing retaining wall, building a retaining wall on a slope, pool retaining wall, wood retaining wall, garage retaining wall, house retaining wall, we can and have built every type of retaining wall you can imagine in Los Angeles.

What to expect in retaining wall construction

What to expect in retaining wall construction
Retaining Wall Project in Los Angeles

We are concrete retaining wall contractors, and depending on the purpose of the retaining wall construction and the particular needs of the job site, Sinai Construction Engineering will build a Concrete Block Retaining Wall or a Poured-in-Place Retaining Wall.

Poured-in-place retaining wall

This type of retaining wall is built according to the dimensions specified in the construction plan. It is properly reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. Poured-in-place retaining walls could be poured plain / smooth-faced or with a variety of designs such as brick for aesthetic purposes.

Concrete block retaining wall

A concrete block retaining wall is constructed by using hollow core CMUs (Concrete Masonry Units) reinforced with steel and then filled with concrete. Our cinder block wall contractors have deep experience and expertise.

Concrete retaining wall cost

The cost to build a retaining wall depends on many factors. Like what the block wall construction purpose is, how long and how high, and the materials used. If your looking for a retaining wall builder but first want to check out costs, contact one our our expert retaining wall contractors for an estimate. Or google retaining wall builders near me to get an idea on cost to install retaining wall.

Building a retaining wall can have it's challenges a clients construction experience review

I want to thank everyone at Sinai for the great job you did at our house. I actually know a fair amount about construction and it was very gratifying to see your crews always making sure things were just perfect. They never failed to arrive early and stay late when necessary. They did not complain when some unexpected snag developed (in our case multiple old tree roots), and just going non-stop to get the project done right and on schedule. In all, Sinai's office staff and work crews provide professional, quality work at what I believe are reasonable prices. I'm not trying to write an advertisement for Sinai but just wanted you to know that my wife and I are very pleased and very happy with your crews and their foundation repair work.

Milt W., Los Angeles

Sinai Construction experience comes with being the oldest structural foundation and foundation repair/replacement company in Los Angeles

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