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Foundation Replacement

Do You Need a Replacement Foundation,

or Foundation Repair?

Foundation replacement is required when the damage to the foundation is so extensive that repairing it will be ineffective. It is also recommended if the cost of repairs is the same as or more than the cost of replacing your homes foundation.

Foundtation Replacement - crawlspace.png

New concrete foundation

Other reasons for a partial or full foundation replacement:

  • The foundation is constructed out of non-reinforced masonry such as brick, concrete blocks or stone

  • Prolonged exposure of the concrete foundation to water and moisture, resulting in deterioration and crumbling of the concrete

  • Poor quality concrete mix was used when the foundation was poured

  • Oversized cracks or excessive amount of cracks in close proximity to each other

  • Foundation stems walls that have rotated out-of-plumb

foundation replacement - crumbling wall.png

Crumbling concrete foundation

foundation replacement -shallow footing.png

Foundation with a very shallow footing

Foundation Replacement: What Work to Expect.

New foundations have to be built according to rigorous building standards, and everyone involved in the project has to comply with industry-prescribed procedures, techniques, and methods. The replacement of an existing foundation can be particularly complicated and labor-intensive.

New foundations constructed by Sinai Construction use survey equipment and state-of-the-art form work. We can usually form and replace your foundation in a matter of days. The full or partial replacement of an existing foundation follows these basic steps:

Shoring up the Building.

foundation replacement - temporary shoring.png

Shoring up of building prior to removal of a damaged foundation

Demolition of the Old Foundation.

foundation replacement - demolition .png

Removal of failing foundation and preparations for a new footing

Installation of Rebar and Forms.

foundation replacement - rebar installed.png

Forms prepared for the replacement foundation

foundation replacement - forms installed.png

Exterior forms for the replacement foundation

City Inspection.

foundation replacement - concrete to be poured.png

City Inspection: Foundation forms awaiting pouring. After the forms are built and the rebar is installed, a city inspection is conducted.

Foundation Is Poured.

foundation replacement - new foundation.png

New concrete foundation. After the construction passes the city's inspection, the new foundation is poured.

Tying Foundation.

foundation replaacement - new foundation finished.png

After the concrete foundation replacement. After construction is finished, the forms are removed and the structure is tied to its new foundation.

Being a bit of a handyman myself, I was very gratified to see that every member of team Sinai is as dedicated as I am to getting the job perfectly done. Instead of going around doing things by feel or intuition, these guys always take the time to make sure that things are leveled just right and all the measurements are correct. They took no shortcuts or cheats in solving the problem even when they encountered things that were unexpected like the extensive root growth that has spread under our house. All throughout the project, I could clearly see that these guys take a lot of pride in the quality of their work and the good name of their company. More power to the Sinai Construction team!

Wayne S., Los Angeles

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