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If you've built on a hillside, here's what you need to know about hillside home foundation repair and restoration

Specialized Hiiside Foundation Repair

Hillside Foundation Repair in Los Angeles is challenging. It can be tricky and expensive if you don't have an experienced crew and the proper engineering team for your situation. And every hillside foundation repair project is unique, with it's own foundation problems and solutions. So do your homework and research hillside foundation repair services and find an experienced foundation repair company.

Hillside foundation repairs are complicated starting with the forms, and require experience, expertise, and putting together the right engineering team — exactly the things that set Sinai Construction Engineering above the fold. We've seen every hillside foundation problem and solved every hillside foundation problem.


Sinai Construction Engineering's specialized hillside foundation repair and construction has been successfully repairing hillside foundations for decades. Our expertise runs so deep, even our competition comes to us for advice. We've been repairing and replacing hillside foundations successfully since the 80's in Los Angeles. If you're building a house or a structure on a hillside, or if your hillside home foundation or building foundation is failing, make sure you get a foundation construction company that specializes in hillside foundation repair and construction.

Forms for hillside foundation rebuild_ed

Hillside foundation repair can be tricky, starting with building the forms.

Why Sinai construction engineering hillside foundation repair is so successful

Sinai Construction Engineering Experience

"Can Hillside Foundations be Repaired?" This is a question many hillside home owners in Los Angeles ask us. And the answer we always give them is..YES.

Sinai provides Hillside Foundation Repairs Solutions. We have the expertise, experience and foundation knowledge to do whatever foundation work is necessary to ensure that your hillside foundation will not collapse or crumble under the weight of your house or building, that your home or building will not slide off its foundation, and that your foundation will not slide off the slope or the side of the hill.

Our field operators are current with and trained to use state-of-the-art equipment and the most efficient excavating and grading techniques. We also offer specific, specialized services that are often required in hillside foundation work such as excavation, foundation trenching, back filling, and compaction.

We offer qualified and certified hillside foundation repair services. Performing deep foundation work, whether hand dug, drilled or driven. As foundation specialists, we work closely with soils and geotechnical engineers and are always attentive to soils conditions.

Typical components for hillside foundation repair in Los Angeles

Hillside Foundation Repair Components

Caissons or Piles

With hillside foundation construction, a pile is used to carry or transfer the load of a structure to the bedrock below the ground surface. Whenever possible, drilling is accomplished by using heavy machinery with an auger attachment. Sometimes, however, specific hillside foundation repair conditions dictate that the shafts be hand-dug.

For a typical caisson, a round hole is dug or bored into the bedrock. A steel cage of reinforcing bars is then constructed and placed into the hole. Then – following inspections by the soil engineer, the structural engineer and the building inspector – concrete foundation is poured into the caisson around the steel reinforcing cage.

Grade Beams

A grade beam is a continuous reinforced concrete beam that distributes the load to bearing points (such as pile caps or caissons) or transfers the load to the ground. When used as continuous interior floor supports, grade beams provide strong support with respect to controlling seismic movement.

Hillside Foundation Repair Testimonial

A hillside foundation can be tricky a clients hillside foundation repair review

Sinai Construction has literally saved our home and the homes of our two neighbors from sliding off a steep cliff. After interviewing 3 other companies we chose Sinai due to their extensive experience and reputation. The work involved an extremely complicated caisson work that went as deep as 70 feet. Our structural foundation engineer who is a UCLA professor was very complimentary upon the completion of work as to the abilities of Sinai's crew to deliver this complicated foundation work on time and budget and without any corrections needed from him.

Sunny D., Malibu

What do sloping floors mean Floors that need leveling are a concern because they could  be a symptom of structural foundation problems.

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