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Why you should waterproof exterior walls of your home foundation

Why Waterproof extedrior walls of home

Foundation waterproofing helps prevent water intrusion that could weaken concrete or wooden structures/foundations or lead to their disintegration over time.

The cost of repairing a foundation damaged by water intrusion is much higher than the cost of foundation sealing, basement waterproofing, crawlspaces waterproofing, and waterproofing other parts of your home that are particularly susceptible to water damage.

By waterproofing house foundation, before you have a foundation problem, you can prevent foundation damage and save yourself a lot of grief and expense later on.

waterproofing your home foundation_edite

Waterproofing protects your concrete or wooden structures, from water damage.

Check out some of Sinai constructions waterproofing projects below

Get a professionals waterproofing advice

There are various types of waterproofing products, but not all of them can protect your foundation from water damage. Different situations also call for different solutions. There are products you must apply to the exterior wall; there are others that you can use on the interior wall (basement waterproofing). If you apply the wrong water proofing foundation product or use an inappropriate waterproofing method, you'll waste your money.

The expertise of a foundation contractor like Sinai Construction Engineering will help you save money. Our experience in waterproofing foundations, waterproofing basements, and foundation waterproofing products, means that your can depend on us to recommend and use the waterproofing solution that best fits your situation so no money and time are wasted. Our expertise in waterproofing comes from decades of experience. Google, best basement waterproofing companies near me, and you will find us.

Do I need Professional Waterproofing advice
Waterproofing Foundation Project in Los Angeles

Typical waterproofing solutions

Waterproofing and protective coating solutions come in a variety of forms. They can be applied to above-grade or below-grade decks, exterior walls, slabs, foundations, retaining walls, basement leaks or basement walls.

Waterproofing materials are often rubber-based and have the ability to bridge cracks for basement foundation crack repair. Foundation wall waterproofing products should be distinguished from some damp proofing products which are tar-based and will not provide waterproofing protection.

There are also various types of waterproofing methods, but the two most common methods are waterproofing membrane installation and crystallization for foundation sealing.

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Typically, a water intrusion problem is addressed by excavating along the exterior side of the wall (e.g. the foundation wall or the retaining wall) and applying waterproofing compounds or a waterproofing membrane to this exterior wall.

Typical Waterproofing Solutions
Waterproofing compound applied to exteri

Example of waterproofing compound on exterior wall.

Miradri waterproofing

Example of membrane waterproofing on exterior wall for basement foundation repair project .

NOTE: Waterproofing membranes should be accompanied by good drainage to be most effective for basement leak repair. This involves excavating a trench within which a perforated drain pipe surrounded by gravel wrapped in fabric could be placed to drain excess water.

Concrete waterproofing by crystallization

With wet basement repairs, if it is not possible to apply waterproofing to the exterior side, there are special waterproofing products that may be applied to the interior side of the foundation or retaining wall. This method requires several months of curing before the special waterproofing products can completely crystallize throughout the entire wall and make it waterproof against water intrusion.

Whichever waterproofing solution is used for basement wall leak repair, or any other waterproofing home project, it is important that it be executed correctly and the waterproofing product be applied properly. Thus, it is imperative that you choose an experienced foundation contractor that can correctly implement the appropriate waterproofing method. Google, foundation waterproofing companies near me, and do your research.

Concrete waterproofing by Crystallization

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