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Foundation Repair Company Los Angeles

Our foundation repair company
has so much experience, even our competition asks for advice

Why Sinai Topics of Inteest



Oldest Foundation Repair Company in LA

Truly the oldest, most experienced foundation repair company in Los Angeles

Foundation Repair_edited_edited.jpg

Serving Los Angeles since 1984. We're not just saying that. It's true! Check out our California state license number (457238) and you'll see we are Los Angeles oldest structural foundation repair company. Sinai Construction didn't became LA's most reputable foundation repair company overnight, we earned it with over four decades of successfully solving foundation repair issues for our clients. Today many clients find us by googling the best foundation company near me, but most come by word of mouth.

The difference between a foundation specialist and the real deal

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Anybody can say they're a foundation specialist, but can they say they're one of the home foundation repair companies that have been repairing / replacing foundations, seismic retrofitting homes and solving yard drainage problems for decades. We're the foundation repair contractors that have. We're the real deal. With years of solving everything from foundation replacement problems to yard drainage issues to soft story retrofit questions, and we are exceptionally good at it. We don’t cut any corners. We don’t take any shortcuts. We do our structural concrete work once, and we do it right. That's why all our structural concrete work comes with a 25 year warranty.

Award winning service

Sinai Award Winning Service
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Ask around about our foundation repair company. Our satisfied clients always compliment us on our extraordinary structural foundation repair service. It's for this reason that we are a recipient of the 2015 Angie's List Super Service Award (we've earned the award for 5 consecutive years now. We also received the Super Service Award in 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011) and the 2014 Talk of the Town Award (we also got this award in 2012 & 2011). There are lots of house foundation repair companies, but only one Sinai Construction. For more client compliments check out foundation repair testimonials.

Handpicked construction crews

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We really do have an exceptional crew. And it didn't get this way by accident. Each crew member has proven themselves to be a Sinai Construction team player and dedicated to each and every construction project. How many home foundation companies have the reputation we have of starting on schedule and remaining on schedule. We don't jump from project to project but see every project through to completion. Our crew arrives on time, they're very polite and they work quietly — no cat-calls, wolf-whistles and loud music. They help with the traffic when they need to work on the street. Best of all — they do DAILY CLEAN UPS. That's the Sinai foundation repair company service you won't get anywhere else.

A firm price on all construction projects,
not a highly elastic price range

Firm Construction price
Soft story retrofit. Buildimng the forms._edited.jpg

There are no price surprises with Sinai Construction Engineering Estimates. Because our seasoned  foundation repair contractors proposals contain precise pricing information. Isn't that preferable to getting a very low estimate initially then halting the project midway because costs that should have been anticipated are piling up so quickly? That will not happen with Sinai Construction Engineering.

Even in situations involving hillside property foundation estimates, where unknown variables could lead to changes in the scope of work, we still strive to give you a sense of just how much you may actually have to spend. We anticipate possible scenarios and approximate potential major expenses, so you are never caught unprepared on any construction project. If you have hillside foundation issues, you want to avoid surprises. They can be pricey.

Turnaround inspection report in 24 hours

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We make things happen. That means for houses in escrow, we submit our inspection findings and proposal within 24 hours. If you're buying, that means you can decide faster. If you're selling, that means you can get the process of selling your house moving much quicker. Just one more reason our clients consider us one of the best foundation repair companies in LA.

Security and peace of mind

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Your family is safe with Sinai. Every one of our employees undergoes a thorough background check. When our clients leave their homes, they come home to find nothing missing, nothing out of place and a mess-free job site, as promised. If you're looking to start a foundation project, you can always google concrete foundation repair companies near me to find someone, but do your research.

Construction quality you can trust, backed by a 25 year warranty guarantee

Best Quality and Value for Money. 25 Year Warrenty
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25-YEAR GUARANTEE. Our structural foundation repair company guarantees the concrete structures we lay down will last, and stand the test of time. Our clients get a 25-year, transferable warranty on all structural concrete work. This is a big plus if you ever decide to sell your house.

This Warranty includes structural concrete work for foundations required to level sloping floors and structural concrete work for correcting yard drainage issues. Also any structural concrete work involving waterproofing problems, slope repair projects or building retaining wall projects.

We have absolute confidence in the quality of our work. Our field personnel are foundation repair pros, retrofitting and yard drainage professionals. We have rigorous internal quality checks and every project undergoes periodic checks to ensure that plans are followed to the letter. We also thoroughly evaluate completed work to ensure that it is on a par with our high standards and that the foreman abides by our strict quality guidelines.

The best value for your money

Soft story retrofit concrete foundation

We're one of the most affordable foundation repair company's in Southern California, and we can prove it. Going line-by-line and item-by-item, compare our proposal to the competition, and you'll realize just how much value you're getting with Sinai Construction Engineering.

When we meet to discuss our proposal, ask us to prove our claim and we'll gladly show you how you'll save more money by choosing our Sinai Construction Engineering company. We perform at a higher level of construction, both in price and performance.

Licensed, credentialed, experienced and more than qualified

Licensed Credentialed and Qualified
Sinai Earthquake SOFT-STORY FEMA Trained


Earthquake Bolt and Brace FEMA Trained
Soft Story Retofit Concrete Pour in LA

Indisputable experience and expertise. To start, we have a General Engineering Contractors License and a General Contractors License. Next, Sinai Construction is EARTHQUAKE SOFT-STORY and EARTHQUAKE BRACE+BOLT FEMA-TRAINED.


Plus, we have a soils and structural engineer on our team. We have worked on public works projects. We get called to work on extremely complex builds. When other foundation construction professionals need a Los Angeles foundation repair contractor with extensive experience and highly specialized skills in structural and concrete work, they call us.


Repairing crumbling hillside foundations, shoring up failing hillside slopes, replacing perimeter foundation sections, hand-digging 30-foot shafts in inaccessible sites — that's all in a day's work for Sinai Construction.

Best construction practices and technology

soft story retrofit project in LA

The latest technology and best practices in the industry are reflected in every project Sinai Construction Engineering takes on. Besides a General Engineering Contractor license and a General Contractor license, we are a members of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), and are constantly evolving our foundation repair company approach to give our clients the best the foundation leveling industry has to offer.

When you do something right, people talk

Compacting dirt behind Retaining Wall

The engine that drives our business is satisfied clients. From day one, we put our clients and their construction projects first. And that's why almost all of our business comes from word of mouth. We learned early on, when a client is happy, they tend recommend us. And that is the foundation and success of our business.

Every earthquake retrofit project is a team effort a clients earthquake retrofit review

Daniel, Carlos and the entire Sinai construction team did great work and were very easy to work with.  Also everything was cleaned up nicely every day the crew finished work and they started work first thing in the morning every day.  I did a complete earthquake retrofit and there was a lot of behind the scenes work that needed to be done with the city, permits, photos, etc. before they could even start the work and Daniel was on top of everything from the get go.  Also, Daniel was extremely responsive in returning calls, emails and overall keeping me in the loop of entire process.  Very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend anyone looking at a construction project to give Sinai a call-great job!

Todd F. Los Angeles

Sinai construction history Sinai Construction Engineering built a reputation as a top foundation repair contractor in Los Angeles one project at a time

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