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Securing a soft story building requires...

Beautiful buildings throughout California were built at a time when they did not have the

structural technology we have today. What does that mean? It means we have tons of work to do. Sinai Construction has years of experience in structural foundation repair, including soft story retrofit. These buildings may consist of decks, balconies, or multistory floors above the ground. Meaning these structures may be weaker on the floors below due to less or no walls to secure the floors above.

Now how can you secure your building? We dedicate to secure these buildings without causing any headaches to existing tenants or homeowners. An essential part of securing these soft story buildings takes part in the detailed and diligent job our team does when tying rebar. When we secure the detailed rebar cage which is built to this soft story buildings specific needs and measurements. Making the structure stronger which will be able to withstand new seismic activity. Relieving you from stress, fear or worse yet a tragedy if building would collapse.

A critical function when securing a soft story building is left to these guys, the person responsible to weld the rebar along with the steel beams fortifying the structure. The entire processes will take time, leaving you or your tenants exposed to our work. No to worry, our team of experts dedicate part of their time to make sure no hazardous openings are left unsecured before leaving for the day. They are conscience of the responsibility we have of your safety. If you find yourself with more questions for your project, contact us! You can reach us at (323)655.0960.


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