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Pile repair continues...

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

What is a pile? It is a long cylinder made up of a strong material, in this case of concrete. Its purpose? To transfer the load to a deeper level than with a traditional shallow foundation. Vertical columns of concrete are dug deep into the ground to give extra support to the building that sits on top.

For our pile repair project there is a beautiful infinity pool which sits above these piles. Here our job is to repair this pile which contained cracks that measured a couple of inches. We had previously demolished the sections that needed to be repaired. In these images you can see we have now poured concrete and is ready to be secured by compacting soil in place.

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What is dirt compacting? Compaction is the application of mechanical energy to a soil to rearrange the particles and reduce the void ratio. The principal reason for compacting soil is to reduce subsequent settlement under working loads.

Compacting and completely covering the pile assist in sustaining the pile when there are mudslides. This tactic helps maintain the dirt tightly around the pile and no longer able to move. This helps not only to secure the pile but also prevent mudslides when it rains. The black fiber glass which the pile is wrapped in helps contain the pile with the purpose of securing it. We have come to this project's completion. All there is left to do is our final clean up.

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