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Your foundation structural repair project in Los Angeles may have it's surprises, here's why...

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Truth. As Foundation Experts in Los Angeles, we know, you never know the extent of the project, until you open up the soft story building and get a look inside it's structure. You can't tell what structural damage needs to be repaired or totally replaced looking at the outside, you gotta get inside.

Any Foundation Specialist will tell you what basically needs to be done to make your soft story building earthquake safe, and how to do it. But that's just the start of all the work you may being doing on your foundation repair project.

After you understand how the new steel frame works to tie your soft story buildings structure together to your buildings concrete foundation (keeping it from moving and breaking apart during an earthquake) you'll be able to understand why repairing, reinforcing, and replacing any other part of the structure that needs it is necessary. The stronger the building overall, the safer during an earthquake.

Once you know the condition of the soft story building, and see what has been damaged, rotted away, broken, or worn out (and needs to be replaced or repaired) you can make a game plan on how to proceed with the full blown earthquake retrofit.

The way to look at it, is long as your building is opened up, you might as well upgrade that wiring, replace that support beam or fix whatever else needs fixing, bracing or repairing. If you have any questions about Foundation Structural Repair in Los Angeles give us a call at (323) 655-0960 or contact one of our Foundation Experts Here. We have seen every foundation problem there is, and solved them. Hope to talk to you soon...


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