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  • Eric Anderson

Another earthquake retrofit by Sinai construction, your foundation specialist in Los Angeles...

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Part of the process in Foundation Structural Repair, like in a Soft Story Retrofit project, is bracing. That involves getting new sheets of plywood up to tie together vertical wall studs, and help secure the building from moving during an earthquake.

Another important part is called house bolting and bracing. Your building may need it, or not. But if it does, that means adding bolts attaching the whole building to the concrete foundation for extra support during an earthquake.

With the bracing, bolting and the Earthquake Retrofit steel frame for the soft story area of the building in place, you now have an earthquake safe building.

As Foundation Experts in Los Angeles, we have deep, deep, deep knowledge of Foundation repair and replacement. If you have a foundation problem, give us a call at (323) 655-0960 we're your Foundation Experts in Los Angeles...


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