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  • Eric Anderson

Every Sinai foundation structural repair gets right down to the studs...

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

As Structural Foundation Repair Experts serving Los Angeles, one of the first things we do in a Soft Story Retrofit Project is get into the walls to see what we're dealing with.

Over the years there may have been constant water damage, termite damage, or just decay to the buildings supports. This all needs to be repaired before the new steel frame is built into the soft story and attached to the new reinforced foundation.

Also, once the walls are opened up, and repairs made, you might see the electrical needs an upgrade, or you want to install wiring for cameras (with the walls open now's the time to do it).

Once the walls are opened up, all will be revealed. To find out more about Soft Story Retrofitting your building, and what's involved contact one of our Foundation Experts in Los Angeles or call (323) 655-0960.

Sinai Construction Engineering is your Structural Foundation Repair Contractor in Los Angeles. With decades of foundation experience we and can save you time, money and headaches with your foundation problems...


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