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When working on a soft story retrofit our experts...

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

When our experts commence soft story retrofit projects, they set out the footing layouts to ensure the correct measurements are used when cutting and removing concrete. Here you can see the marked floor in preparation for our crew to begin cutting concrete and breaking it down to be hauled away. The existing concrete gets deposited on large heavy-duty containers which then are transported offsite. This process ensures our areas are left clean and neat at the end of each workday. Sinai Construction is recognized for quality, efficient and extraordinary customer care experience that it provides.

After we break and remove concrete in the designated areas. Excavating begins and our efficient team will excavate by hand or by machines and remove the dirt, allowing the open space to be worked on. Fortunately the engineer and city inspector come out to confirm the trenches are clear to proceed with the next phase of the project. New soft story retrofit foundation is dug and fortified with rebar. In the case of this soft story building, we will use the rebar without the need of columns since this garage has walls of cinder block holding the units up. This was directed by the engineer related to the job. Once the rebar is in place and we pass inspection, then concrete can be poured. After a long days work when pouring concrete our team will make sure it is completed with a clean and perfect finish.

Now we are closer to the end of the job. Our team then proceeds to be detailed and meticulous to confirm the job will be completed at its best and with all the check marks checked before the final inspection. Nonetheless, your home will now be secured and will be able to withstand seismic activity for the future.

If you are doing research for your own project feel free to contact Sinai, and one of our specialized Soft Story Retrofit Contractors will get back to you on your soft story structure retrofit plans. Give us a call at (323)655.0960.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you the best solutions for your home needs.


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