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The Importance of Hiring a Trusted Company for Foundation Repair

In today's blog post we will talk about the importance of hiring a trusted company for Foundation Repair. I am sure you are here by no mistake. Sinai Construction is dedicated to providing extraordinary customer experiences when securing your home from foundation issues. Now, what are the signs you need Foundation Repair? We will learn more below.

Oftentimes times water can creep into the home foundation due to drainage issues which will have stagnant water and eventually seeping through your foundation. Being absorbed by wood beams and concrete On the picture to the right you can see the wood has some water damage causing the beam to weaken. This is part of what is holding your homes structure. It is essential to make your home is stable.

But what are the signs for you to know this is happening without needing to go below ground? Well your home will begin to show signs over time and some of those could be seen in your homes exterior for example improper drainage, cracks in the concrete (block or brick), gaps around the doors and windows to name a few. For your interior you can find misaligned doors, windows that stick, cracks in the walls or floor (tile), sloping floors. These may seem unrelated until you see them all happening and no visible reason for it.

Now that you noticed these happening what could you do? I commend you to do some research and find the most qualified company to be entrusted with something as vital as the stability of your home. Sinai Construction has years of experience and a reputation right behind it. If you contacted us for the job we would send out one of our experts who will answer all of your questions efficiently and honestly. If chosen for the job, we would provide you the best solutions to your unique issue. Our crews will make sure your home is treated with respect and we will ensure your complete experience will have you sharing your story with others.

Sinai Construction experience will provide you with a peace of mind as we have you covered. If you are interested in starting a new project or would like to learn more about Sinai Construction, contact us today (323)655.0960 and one of our experts will answer your questions. Sign up for a Foundation Health Check here!


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