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For the best foundation repair team in Los Angeles contact Sinai Construction

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Over the years in the business we have maintained our reputation as one of the Top Foundation Repair Engineering Firms in LA by always working with the best in the field. Our current team is no exception. These men have added to the decades of solving difficult structural foundation problems by LA's most reputable foundation repair company. Title which was not earned overnight. With decades working in repairing / replacing foundations, seismic retrofitting homes and solving yard drainage problems for decades.

We're the foundation repair contractors that have. We're the real deal. With years of solving everything from foundation replacement problems to yard drainage issues to soft story retrofit questions, and we are exceptionally good at it. We don’t cut any corners. We don’t take any shortcuts. We do our structural concrete work once, and we do it right. That's why all our structural concrete work comes with a 25 year warranty.

Here at Sinai Construction, we have an experienced, honest, and dedicated team of individuals prepared to do the work and provide extraordinary customer care. Our team has shown over the years the care and dedication to which we are proud of preparing, during and after completing a job. Always happy to attend to every aspect of the project whether is crawling under a home, standing on the edge of a hill, or excavating trenches for the structural safety of your soft story buildings. If you have your own soft story retrofit, foundation repair, retaining wall, yard drainage project contact us.

Call today at (323)655.0960.


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