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How can we prevent extensive damage to your balconies or beautiful decks?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Los Angeles has been dealing with the high temperatures just like other cities throughout the world. However, we may suffer from seismic activity erupting at any given moment. How can we prevent extensive damage to your balconies or beautiful decks?

While some damages may be inevitable, you can request a Foundation Health Check completed by our expert who can provide you details to secure your structure. As a preventive measure or to have some peace of mind, either way Sinai Construction can help you determine the correct steps to protect your home. Whether it is bolting and bracing the structure or replacing the current beams with iron beams. Regardless of your homes specific needs Sinai Construction will promise to relief you of any future headaches.

Balconies and decks may qualify you for a program that California has. A program which helps homeowners pay for the repairs to secure their balconies and decks in which it will allow you to get the job done by a trusted, reliable company and you can rest assure your home will be prepared for the next earthquake. Sinai Construction has years providing extraordinary customer care experience. If you have your own balcony or deck project, contact us today at (323)655.0960.


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