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How can soft story retrofit save me money

Soft story buildings are the multi-story buildings that have lower floors which do not have enough shear walls to help the structure withstand lateral (side-to-side) earthquake movements. While Soft stories are an earthquake hazard which could lead to a substantial loss of investment and lives. How can you prevent that? With a soft story retrofit by the most experienced company in town. Sinai Construction has dedicated years of retrofitting buildings throughout Los Angeles. We can provide you with the best advice to your specific building needs as well as save you future headaches and money.

Soft Story Retrofit
Grade beam installation in preparation to tying rebar

As owners you would be liable for damages which could be worth up to millions of dollars once an earthquake collapses your soft story building. Earthquakes happen every year however every year Californians are anticipating the "big one" to happen at any moment. With that in mind we would recommend building owners to prepare with preventive measures for their buildings safety.

Soft story retrofit
Epoxy dowels into the existing foundation

Now how can this save you money? Well once the "big one" occurs your building will be stronger, secure, and have little to no damage. It can also assist with lower insurance premiums. As well as attract new tenants in the future. While these attractive options are great you can simply get your building retrofitted for your peace of mind. If you have a new project and would like to have our inspector provide you solutions contact us today at (323)655.0960

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