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Historic rain for Los Angeles, however what does that mean for hillside homeowners?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Here in California, hillside home owners may have loved the idea of a home with the amazing view and privacy. Therefor never thought of the possibility of rain being responsible for accumulating cost that come with a hillside property.

Hillside properties tend to have an incredible view as well as other benefits. Yet, there are a few drawbacks worth discussing. Here we will speak about the expensive journey one can go if we fall victim to Mother nature. In Los Angeles the rain may come but never stays too long. Unlike this past winter where Angelinos were left repairing the consequences of mudslides.

Some homes may be affected more than others due to the existing structures holding the slopes, costing them more than just headaches.

What to expect in slope repair process? Well Sinai Construction begins a Foundation Health Inspection conducted by our experienced hillside repair specialist. Once inspection is completed, we can determine the following steps to stop erosion, prevent slope instability and repair damaged slopes using the most appropriate hillside repair techniques given specific site conditions. Contingent on the property's needs, there will be a combination of methods like retaining walls, shotcrete, friction piles, and drainage just to name a few.

When you feel that all is lost you may see the light at the end of the tunnel with Sinai Construction. Our experienced team comes highly recommended by ecstatic customers who rave about our quality work saving their home with permanent solutions. Contact us today and save yourself awful headaches. Call us at (323)655.0960.


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