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Does your home have a solid foundation?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Have you wondered if your home has a solid foundation? How do you know if it does? You can contact a Foundation Repair Expert to inspect your home for foundation repair before you need to replace the costly foundation in its entirety. Your homes foundation will depend on solid concrete piers, post and girders to be in place and stable. Piers, post, and girders together are responsible for bearing the weight of interior loads. If these pierces are crumbling, non-reinforced, or were not placed deep enough into the soil you may need to get them replaced.

Here we discovered crumbling concrete piers which needed to be replaced. After demolishing the crumbling concrete piers our team of Foundation experts solidified the new piers by reinforcing them as seen above. Followed by the concrete to establish the new pierce and repairing the foundation of this home. Once concrete dries, we remove the frame, and the pier will be ready for a strong foundation.

If you think you may have a foundation problem, or you are wondering if your foundation is safe contact Sinai Construction is here to help. Our Foundation experts will be able to conduct a Foundation Health Check of your home. You can contact Sinai Construction at (323)655.0960.


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