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What are signs I may need to waterproof?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Angelinos love their beautiful green, lush and fertile yards. However, how do we maintain them hydrated and not cause settlement or create a yard drainage problem? While we may call our landscaper to attend to our yards rescue, this yard problem may go deeper and require different experts advise. That is were we (Sinai Construction) come in!

Sometimes our homes are built with little to no drainage procedure for when it rains. Why would they? We live in California, the state with perfect weather.

In recent time homeowners have required our services with their yard drainage problems. But how can you know? Well often times you will discover excess

moisture in the soil around your foundation which then causes the soil to sink and leading to foundation settlement. Creating an entire new list of damages for example cracks in the walls of your foundation, sloping floors, doors, windows to be misaligned. Before we get to all of those signs you can simply see the concrete or walls with a shadow or white sort of chalky residue meaning an excess of moisture which can lead to grave consequences overtime if gone unattended.

What can you do? After our inspectors have a look and determine the best solutions to this problem, we can begin with waterproofing the foundation. This will create a protective barrier against moisture and prevent any water from intruding and causing extensive damage to your home's foundation. While Sinai Construction has years of experience and solutions to your very specific needs, we will always work with your budget, needs and ideas. Do you have a new project in mind? Don't wait any longer and contact us to begin! We are available via phone at (323)655.0960. Tell us what you have so far, and we can have an inspector answer all your questions.


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