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Starting a Soft story retrofit project

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In Santa Monica, many soft story buildings may require a soft story retrofit process to secure them. However, the demolishing and reinforcing job may be costly and time consuming making the entire thing a nuisance. Well what if we told you that now soft story building owners in California can qualify for a program which allows them to obtain assistance towards the job expense?

Soft story buildings can be apartment or homes to which have multi-story buildings with ground floors which do not have shear walls or steel frames to withstand the force of an earthquake. You can see this in apartment buildings with tuck-under parking, commercial ground floors or even floors which have those beautiful floor -to-ceiling glass windows. In this case we have the tuck-under parking, and we will remove existing stucco and insulation which will allow us to install a beam and reinforce it.

By now we have set the lay out and they have begun cutting the concrete to open a trench allowing us to connect it with steel beams to reinforce and secure it. Providing the required stability to these soft story buildings. A project like this one may take weeks however at the end of each day we make sure our job sites are clean and accessible to you or your tenants during the construction.

For more information contact us and meet with one of our experts who can provide you the best recommendation for your particular needs. Contact us today at (323)655.0960.

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