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  • Eric Anderson

Foundation Structural Repair in Los Angeles starts with ripping up the overhang, here's why...

Updated: Feb 13

As Foundation Experts Los Angeles, we know with typical soft story buildings, the support for the overhang, is not totally connected to the foundation. Too many structural parts move independently during an earthquake. This can be a problem.

Because of the way a soft story building was built (building overhang not tied together with the foundation) this structures supports can shift when an earthquake hits, sometimes causing the building to collapse.

That's why Foundation Specialist in Los Angeles all recommend an earthquake retrofit, or soft story retrofit to a soft story building. This involves adding a steel frame that is created and built into the foundation and overhang of a soft story building. Tying both the buildings overhang and foundation together. So when an earthquake hits, everything moves together and does not break apart.

If you have a soft story retrofit project coming up, give Sinai Construction Engineering a call. (323) 655-0960. We're your Foundation Experts in Los Angeles and have been doing this for decades. We and can save you time, money, and headaches...

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