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Soft story retrofit project starts with cutting into old foundation with powerful concrete saw...

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

With any soft story retrofit project, the first order of business is to cut out the old part of the foundation that supports the soft story buildings over hang and build a new, fortified foundation.

The reason for this is, the old foundation is not trying the soft story building and the foundation together. It only supports vertically. So when an earthquake hits all the vertical support can move in different directions, often breaking apart, and collapsing the building.

The new soft story retrofit foundation will be much stronger, and ties the soft story building and the foundation together with a new steel frame. This steel frame anchored into the new foundation and tied into the soft story building keeps the building from breaking apart in an earthquake. Also it's worth noting, with all Sinai structural foundation construction, we offer a 25 year warranty.

Although the first step involves a concrete saw that makes a precision cut into your soft story old foundation, and digs it up. The second step cuts into the soft story building structure,and tears it out. But not to worry. After Sinai construction is finished with your soft story retrofit, your building will be back looking like we were never there.

soft story retrofit
New Sinai soft story retrofit project in Pasadena

Above photo is of our latest soft story retrofit project in Pasadena. If you're thinking of a soft story retrofit project in Los Angeles area, get in touch with one of our foundation experts for soft story retrofitting. We've been doing earthquake retrofits for decades and can answer all your retrofit questions.


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