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Plans and permits may be the first step to begin your soft story project

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

According to the California Building Standards code, we are required to obtain city permits to begin working on your home or building. And you may ask well what do I have to do? Truth is when you choose Sinai Construction, we know you may be looking for the experts to handle it all for you. Well, we take care of it. We have our team of experts recommend an engineer if plans are needed. We also communicate with the city the required changes to be approved for the up-and-coming project.

Why do plans matter? Well, there needs to be a guide to determine if things are possible and if so, how they would need to be done once the structure is demolished. This helps our project managers give our team direction to the project and the vision of how a project will look. Here at Sinai Construction, we recommend experienced, friendly engineers to take on the job. However, if you have a preferred engineer, we can work with them to bring your home renovation dreams to live.

Once we have the plans and we obtain approved city permits, demolition may begin. When it comes to a soft story project, we will start by laying out with spray

paint the measurements where the concrete will be removed. Along with the existing stucco revealing the structure after removing insulation. Allowing our team to see if any surprises arise and changes required. If all goes well then, they will proceed with excavating a trench and secure with rebar and steel beams. Creating a new secure and reinforced structure, allowing the soft story building to now move with the waves of the earthquake. Preventing or minimizing the damage to your building or home.

The thought of dealing with a lot may have put you off from doing this project however Sinai Construction makes it such a quick and easy process that you will forget we were even there. If you are ready to learn more contact us at (323)655.0960. You can now find us on social media! Check out our accounts below. Simply click the icon and it will direct you to our latest post.


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