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How severe is water damage to your homes foundation?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

While water is a great natural source for human beings it can be deteriorating to buildings structures if the wood pieces and foundation absorb it. The effects of moisture to both wood and foundation will have detrimental consequences. For example, resulting in the rotting of wood, corrosion of plumbing, mold growth and you wouldn't even know it.

Water damage will gradually show signs however there will be water stains on the concrete or darkened humid swollen wood. There may also be cracks on the concrete leading to the weakening of your home structure. Each foundation presents a unique set of conditions and therefore specific solutions which Sinai Construction can provide.

There are various solutions to resolve foundation cracks. We choose a solution depending on the needs to fixing your homes foundation. If the foundation cracks are repairable, our expert residential foundation contractors use an epoxy crack injection which adheres the concrete. Then, a "Simpson HST foundation plate" is bolted across the crack. This epoxy system provides structural strength which greatly exceeds the strength of the concrete itself.

If the cracks are larger or there is more separation other measures may need to be taken. Therefore, we recommend for you to have an expert determine the severity of your homes water damage. We will remedy those headaches for you. If you would like to confirm your findings contact one of our foundation experts, requesting a Foundation Health Check. Once there they'll answer your foundation repair questions. Call us at (323) 655.0960.


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