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Hillside foundation repair process

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Sinai Construction may focus on foundation repair and soft story retrofit projects due to how common they are. However, here in Los Angeles we are surrounded by hillside homes with beautiful designs but what keeps them stable and secure when earthquakes hit?

Well, there may be multiple solutions to remedy hillside foundation problems and since Sinai Construction prefers to provide the best solutions. For example this hillside foundation repair. We have excavated and built the necessary caisson to fortify the hillside foundation of this beautiful home. What is a caisson?

Typically a round hole is dug into the bedrock. Followed by a steel cage of reinforcing bars is constructed and placed into the hole. The reinforcing cage is built on site, and it constitute of rebar being tied in place symmetrically.

Once the work is approved by inspectors, we can begin pouring concrete into and around the steel reinforcing cage. This may sound like an extensive and expensive process however with the right and experienced team you will be able to secure your home with the best solutions preventing additional cost and headaches.

This is not the finished product. Once the concrete dries and Sinai Construction proceeds with all the finishing touches it will seem as if we were never there. Our team of experts prefers to be known for their well manners and organized outcome at the end of every day that you will be happy to have chosen us. At Sinai Construction we pride ourselves on the level of quality of our work.

When you are ready to begin your hillside foundation project contact us for a Foundation Health Check inspection. We will provide you answers to your questions before the process even begins. If you would like to speak to our experts, call us today at (323)655.0960.

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