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Becoming a Top Foundation Repair Contractor in Los Angeles Didn't Happen Overnight, it Happened Over Time

Sinai Construction is a leading foundation repair contractor in Southern California, providing construction services since 1984. The company is known for its specialized knowledge and skill in infrastructure work and complex structural construction. Ted Hill, the owner, and his team have created a reputation for solving difficult foundation repair problems and providing award-winning customer service. They are passionate about exceeding their customer's expectations and are always willing to give an opinion to those in need.

Our team at Sinai Construction begins your construction project by thoroughly analyzing your property and determining all possible options for your project. As LA Foundation Repair contractors, our goal is to work in partnership with the city, ensuring that all city requirements and regulations are met. We understand the importance of ensuring that no details are overlooked and that everything runs smoothly with your construction plans. Our licensed foundation contractor is highly experienced and knowledgeable, knowing exactly what you need and where to go to get it. This fast-tracks the approval process for your plans and ensures that all necessary permits are obtained in a timely fashion.

One of our greatest strengths is our attention to the details

Sinai Construction is committed to providing a high level of professionalism in the Los Angeles construction industry. If you require Foundation Repair, you can trust Sinai Construction to conduct a thorough inspection of your foundation. We will take photographs, compile a detailed report, and explain the necessary repairs. Most importantly, we will identify the root cause of the foundation damage and explain it to you. This service is unique in the industry and is available for both commercial and residential properties.

At Sinai Construction, we believe that the details matter. We take the time to double-check everything to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. While this may require more work upfront, we believe that it ultimately leads to a better construction process and a better outcome for you. You can reach us at (323)655.0960.


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