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A Yard Drainage problem can turn into an expensive Foundation Repair

For Yard Drainage Solutions...

Your beautiful home may be hiding silent symptoms that require your attention. In this blog post, we will discuss these symptoms and their solutions. One of the issues that can arise from improper yard drainage is overflowing rain gutters that can flood your yard. Another issue is stagnant water accumulation in areas that can seep through your foundation. We'll cover how to identify and fix these issues to prevent damage to your home.

Proper yard drainage will allow the water to be released removing the overflow from your yard. However, when all the rain gutters direct water to your yard, flooding it, it is time to call an expert. When the water wants to escape or remain stagnant it will seep through your foundation weakening it. The foundation can be of a combination of wood and concrete, either way, water can deteriorate it. You see water seeping through these white chalky signs in the picture below, leading to wood beams and columns rotting, weakening the structure.

There are a multitude of silent symptoms like misaligned doors, windows that stick, cracks in the walls, cracks in the floor or tile, and sloping of the floor. If you can identify any of these, Sinai would suggest that you request a Foundation Health Check, and one of our experts can provide you with the best solutions for your unique situation.

Contact Sinai Construction today for your Foundation Health Check! We are located in Los Angeles and service the surrounding areas. Call us at (323)655.0960. Be proactive and prevent an expensive outcome.


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