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  • Eric Anderson

Your Foundation Structural Repair will reveal a lot about The Health of Your Building...

Updated: Feb 13

Throughout the process of a soft story retrofit project, you will get to see inside your walls. You'll find out the condition of your wiring, the health of your foundation, and the wear and tear on your plumbing and duct work.

As your Foundation Experts Los Angeles, we'll advise you on repairs, replacements, and upgrades.

At any time in the future, you have the option or upgrading, repairing, or replacing what ever your building needs. But as long as we have your walls open and are digging out new foundation footings for your soft story retrofit, might as well repair and upgrade what needs it now.

In the process of an earthquake retrofit, it's smart, and in the long run will save you money to fix what needs fixing along the way.

If you have questions about your Los Angeles soft story retrofit project, give us a call at (323) 655-0960. We're your Foundation Experts in Los Angeles and love to talk about foundation projects. Sinai Construction Engineering has been solving foundation problems for decades and can save you time, headaches ,and money...

Welcome to Your Foundation Experts Los Angeles Blog. By Sinai Construction Engineering.

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