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Homeowners can receive financial assistance to retrofit their homes with brace & bolt systems, protecting them from earthquake disasters.

Updated: Jan 9

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ATTENTION: Here is your chance to get your home seismic retrofitted! If you learned about the EBB (Earthquake Brace & Bolt) program too late and did not get a chance to sign up, now you can!

Starting January 10, 2024 new applicants can register requesting some help pay to get their home seismic retrofitted. Helping them protect their family and home from an earthquake tragedy. You can find Sinai Construction listed as one of the contractors in the Los Angeles area. With years of experience Sinai has been working tirelessly to ensure homes throughout Southern California are safe for its inhabitants and save them from expensive damages. Many have now benefitted from this program. You can find out if you qualify on the EBB website.

Sinai Construction is ready to ensure your home is secured from future seismic activity. By offering Foundation Health Checks and providing you with a breakdown of the brace & bolt solution or other issues that could be discovered upon inspection. Our experts make sure to provide you with possible and economic solutions. You can count on Sinai Construction to take care of the required details for you to complete this with little to no headache. We provide the best-qualified crew members to work on your home and ensure a clean, efficient job site day in and day out.

Find out if you qualify for the Earthquake Brace & Bolt program. Fill out the registration on the EBB website. Once approved contact Sinai Construction (or your contractor of choice) for a Foundation Health Check. Our foundation specialist will proceed with an inspection of the property, answer all of their questions, and take the data collected to provide them with a cost-effective proposal. Once presented to the homeowner and the decision is made Sinai's team proceeds to complete the work. They handle it all for you and clean the job site making it appear as if they were never there. If you have been approved and need a Foundation Health Check contact us! You can learn more about Sinai Construction and submit your inquiry here or reach us via phone at (323)655.0960.

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