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With structural foundation repair, there’s no substitute for experience

soft story retrofit concrete foundation pour
Concrete finishing on another Sinai soft story retrofit project in Los Angeles

In the beginning we were building a business focused on basic foundation repairs, but soon realized there was no such thing as a simple foundation repair. You see to do a proper foundation repair, you had to also find out what caused the foundation failure in the first place, and fix that as well. Sometimes this was obvious, sometimes not. So we became experts at not only structural foundation repair, but in finding out what caused the foundation to fail in the first place and repairing that as well.

As years passed, Sinai constructions experience grew. We’ve seen just about every kind of foundation problem and solved them every time. We’ve repaired hillside foundations, water damaged foundations, earthquake damaged foundations, crumbling foundations, cracked cement foundations (just to name a few foundation problems) and become experts in soft story retrofits.

This massive foundation repair experience has given us invaluable knowledge and skills that helps us make informed decisions, which translates to cost and time efficient structural foundation repair projects. It’s our deep understanding of foundation repairs, combined with the latest technical skills, state of art engineering and company teamwork that ends up benefiting our clients, and gets us rave reviews.

We can’t stress enough the importance and benefit of decades of foundation repair experience in the success of a foundation project. Like we like to say “we get it done on time, on budget, and done right the first time”. In fact, with our reputation over the years of solving difficult foundation problems, even our competition calls us for advice.

If you have a foundation problem, or interested in starting soft story retrofit project, give us a call at (323) 655-0960. Or contact Sinai construction and one of our expert foundation repair contractors will get right on it.

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