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  • Eric Anderson

Sinai Soft Story Retrofit Project begins in Culver City...

Updated: 4 days ago

If you have a soft story building you should know the dangers that you face in the event of an earthquake. The owner of this building was aware, and wanted to get started ASAP, because as we all know, in LA, earthquakes happen.

So we started the process and got the permits first. With them in had we went to our engineers and got our plans together. Got engineering plans approved and now we begin construction (yep, we are fast). The photo below is the soft story retrofit project days before we start consturction.

We always try and work with the existing design when doing a soft story project. When this soft story retrofit is done, visually the building will look the same. But it's structure will be rock solid, earthquake safe. The beauty is, you will never know Sinai Construction Engineering was ever there. And that's just the way we like it. Stay tuned for finished soft story retrofit project...

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