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Yard drainage solutions by Sinai Construction in Los Angeles

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

While summer days are splendid to be spent in the yard, rainy days can ruin your beautiful yard for the following summer if you do not have the best yard drainage solutions in place. We (Sinai Construction) like to provide the best solutions and preventive measures to our clients before their yards are ruined. However, if you are already facing yard drainage issues, we can provide you the best solutions to your ordeal.

While most house have gutters in place for the rain to simply find its way down and onto your yard, where does the water go now that it is in your yard? If there is an excess of water and your yard does not have a yard drainage system. We have the solutions depending on your situation however in this case we set drains throughout the yard and correlated with the existing gutters. Now we can make sure the water running down the gutters will have a place to go other than sitting on your yard creating a lagoon and mosquitos. As you see in these pictures our team has excavated in the corresponding areas to create the trenches where the drainage tubes will flow the water beneath the soil and grass. Allowing you to maintain a beautiful yard and no more pool after a rain season.

While it may appear as a simple solution it is most efficient, and you can rest assure your home will be ready for the rainy days to come. If you are dealing with yard drainage issues or have a foundation project in mind, contact us for an inspection at (323)655.0690. Have our experts provide you the best solutions for your specific home needs.


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