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Time does not forgive us, nor does it forgive building structures

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Everything deteriorates with time and building structures throughout Los Angeles are no exception. While time and the elements may deteriorate building structures those same buildings may require an upgrade to today's standards, equipment advances and technology. Here, we have an apartment complex which after a thorough Foundation Health check, required to be secured for seismic activity. After our work is completed it will not only be secure to survive earthquake forces but also have the current structure standards of safety.

When Sinai Construction begins the demolition process we begin removing the overhang. After inspection and experience with buildings of its kind we know if the support for the overhang is not solidly connected to the foundation causing too many structural parts move independently during an earthquake (building overhang supports sit on foundation, but are not tied together with the foundation). Thus, the soft story building supports can shift when an earthquake hits, causing a catastrophic collapse of a building. The best preventive measure would be to have Sinai Construction handle it with proper foundation structural repair.

That's why Foundation Specialist in Los Angeles all recommend a soft story retrofit to a soft story building. This involves adding a steel frame that is created and built into the foundation and overhang of a soft story building. Tying both the buildings overhang and foundation together. So when an earthquake hits, everything moves together and does not break apart. As you see above we have opened the overhang and the foundation to solidify the entire structure making it secure from seismic activity in years to come.

With our expert team we can demonstrate our experience and provide you an extraordinary customer care experience. If you have a soft story retrofit project coming up, give Sinai Construction a call. (323) 655-0960. We will resolve your soft story headaches.


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